The Farmer’s Design Art Contest


NCTFA invites our members to tap into their creative side and design an image that embodies their experience as a farmer here in Connecticut!


Here are some details and requirements for you to keep in mind:

  • Submissions are due by January 1st, with an earlybird deadline of December 18th. 
  • Please submit artwork directly to
  • We accept .JPEG format, and .Tiff if need be as well. If you have questions about formatting your image or struggle to get it in the required formats, please email us.
  • Please do not send us image files larger than 25MB.


More Details and Tips: 

  • Please design your image in either black and white, or pick only two solid colors of your choosing. (See here for examples of complementary colors)
  • Please use clean, concise lines with no shading in your images. Shading often does not interpret well in print.
  • Get creative with your method! Pen and ink, digital art, block print and acrylic paint are all great mediums for clean designs.
  • Do a couple of test drawings and get your idea sketched out before you commit to your finished design.
  • Keep in mind that your design will be made predominantly to fit on a T-Shirt.  With that in mind, you may want to tailor your drawing to something that you feel would look great on a shirt!
  • We would like to think this goes without saying, but please do not copy or trace art belonging to anyone else. 
  • If you do your design by hand, you will need to ensure that you have…
  1. Access to a scanner
  2. Made a piece of art that can fit in your scanner without being cropped


Your art can be focused on any detail of your life as a farmer, as long as it is clearly applicable to farming. Have a unique way of conveying a specific memory that you think other farmers will relate to? Great. Have a favorite, or not-so-favorite task in your daily chores / farm life that you know other farmers will just… “get”? Excellent! From drawings of produce and livestock, to use of equipment, community experiences, relatable moments and more, we encourage it all. Please just be sure to read all of the above tips and requirements so that you don’t disqualify for the contest! 



Do you have any technical questions about making your design? Have an idea but want to get a second opinion first? Please write to Betsy, the coordinator, and she will be happy to help you.